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Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!
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DEC 28 2004 - It's finally here! Naval Ship Warfare a great strategy game where you can play against another player or the computer. We've included many options to...
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NOV 16 2004 - Need an easy way to turn on or off bluetooth at a touch of a button? Check out ATBluet...
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SEP 06 2004 - Triple Yachtzee is finally here! We've listened to your emails and included AI! Now you no longer have to play solo! We've also included a name saving...
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AUG 29 2004 - We've had quite a few emails regarding when we will be writing a Triple Yachtzee and we are happy to say that it's almost here. We already started on ...
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JUN 28 2004 - The forums are officially released! We devoted much effort creating the forums to harmonize with the web site layout in hopes of creating a friendly ...
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Product Information

Naval Ship Warfare

Naval Ship Warfare is a naval duel to the death until only one player is left standing. It's a game of logic and strategy to determine the layout of your opponent's fleet of ships. You can play with 1 to 6 shots each, salvo where your shots are determined by the number of your remaining ships, or even play blitz where you keep shooting until you miss. We've included single player and two player modes, so you can play against a friend or the two levels of AI that are included.

Naval Ship Warfare is a classic naval tactical warfare game with many extra options. That's right, we've included extra options to add hours of enjoyable game play. You can play the classical 5 ship version or mix it up and add an extra ship into your naval fleet. Mines can be placed to add to the excitement. When a mine is hit, it will blow all surrounding sectors, so find your opponent's mine! Your airplane can help you seek out your opponent and they can be optionally bound to your aircraft carrier. If bound, then your best bet is to takeout your opponent's aircraft carrier right away so they'll lose their airplane. All this and more can be optionally turned on, or you can still play the classical version just like before.

? More options than any other Naval Warfare game
? Two levels of AI included (Computer and Super Computer)
? Two player mode so you can play against your friends
? Three game styles included: # of Shots, Salvo, and Blitz!
? # of Shots: You can choose up to 6 shots per player
? Salvo: Your shots are determined by the number of ships you have remaining
? Blitz: You keep shooting until you miss
? Extra Ship: Not only can you play with the standard 5 ships, but you can optionally play with 6 ships as well
? Mines: Optionally have a randomly placed mine to add to the fun
? Airplanes: You can use an airplane to help seek out your opponent
? Optionally have the airplane bound to the aircraft carrier, so once the carrier is sunk so is the plane
? Think your good? Turn on the Don't Mark Shots option to see if you can remember where you've already shot
? Standard options to control game speed, volume, and ability to turn off ripple effect
? Ships: Aircraft Carrier, Battleship, Cruiser, Submarine, Destroyer, and optionally add the Minesweeper
? End of game statistics such as: Hit %, # of Shots, # of Miss/Hits, # of Rounds, etc.
? Better graphics and great sound effects to top it off

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Yachtzee - A classic game of dice!

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